Weed Pool BC: Your Direct Delivery Solution

Weed Pool BC: Your Direct Delivery Solution

Weed Pool’s BC chapter was founded in the spring of 2023, in partnership with the Retail Cannabis Council of BC (RCC-BC), in response to the launch of BC’s Direct Delivery program.

Many retailers found that while the Direct Delivery system was carrying some fantastic cannabis product, accessing that product was a significant logistical challenge.

With multiple websites to keep track of and sales platforms to log into, different payment dates and terms for each, and multiple shipping dates that required staffing, many retailers simply couldn’t keep up to the extent they would like, or would forgo making orders they might otherwise have.

But now, with the founding of a BC-focused chapter, Weed Pool will offer retailers access to their single, easy-to-use sales platform for all of their Direct Delivery needs.

This platform, which has operated successfully in Saskatchewan and Manitoba for over three years, will put BC’s retailers back in the drivers’ seat of their Direct Delivery relationships, allowing Weed Pool’s BC members to create meaningful and mutually-beneficial relationships with their suppliers, all to the benefit of BC’s cannabis consumers.

With an ever-growing list of unique cannabis product SKUs available for direct supply in BC, Weed Pool are looking to connect and partner with BC’s cannabis sector, including:

-Direct Delivery-eligible cannabis farmers, be they small or indigenous (or both!);

-Cannabis processors who work with the craft sector;

-Licensed independent retailers.

As a true cooperative endeavor, cannabis businesses who participate in Weed Pool will qualify for annual profit dividends.

For more information on Weed Pool BC and the Direct Sales Program, please contact:

Ian Dawkins // 604-700-7576 // ian@weedpool.coop